Innovation In Education on the Web 3.0


Study, Earn and Experience in the EDU Platform

S2E Tools

  • 01APP


    APP Rewarded by Learning in a Mobile Environment

    If you use various functions of the app when you study, you can earn EDUM



    Devices that can measure learning concentration

    We are developing an EDUM headset that measures brain concentration

  • 03Alliance Service

    JINHAK Point Swap

    Earn EDUM with B2B Alliance Points

    Points earned by Alliance Company can be converted to EDUM

EDUM = EDU Metacore Project

EDUM is a Web 3.0 ecosystem that enables learners to acquire economic value through system innovation in various aspects of education, mainly Rewards, Certification, and IP.

  • Study and earn rewards like never before!

    Rewards allow you to earn as you achieve each learning goal in our innovative environment that is optimized for increased motivation and maximum learning effects.

  • Record your achievements as NFTs!

    Certification through POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) NFTs allows you to objectively certify your personal achievements and career history easily and reliably.

  • NFTize your educational content and have them copyrighted and protected!

    Intellectual Property such as lectures, tests, and textbooks can be converted into NFTs, which allows instructors’ content to be protected, recognized, and compensated appropriately.

Vision of EDUM = Global Web 3.0 Education

A A Web 3.0 based ecosystem that’s connected with the real-world education system, where all future EDUM activities come to life.


All members participating in the EDUM ecosystem can acquire, use, and swap between EDUMP and EDUM tokens.


EDUM Ecosystem Points
  • Fixed value

  • Used only within EDUM’s ecosystem

  • Used to purchase contents such as NFTs and lectures

  • Expands the utility of partners’ points

Exchange Listed Tokens
  • Market-based utility token

  • Based on the Ethereum Mainnet (ERC-20)

  • Cashing through external exchanges

  • Value fluctuates based on the activity of EDUM

Web 3.0 Scholarship

Through blockchain technology and a systematic DAO, scholarships are to be provided under fair standards that protects both the sponsors and recipients and creates the maximum value towards social contribution.



EDUM’s expected journey towards builds a sustainable education ecosystem that is well-integrated with the real-world education system.

Phase 1
  • EDUM Website Open
  • Development of S2E
    Platform Business
  • B2B API Development
  • Connect API Development
  • EDUM Token Issuance
  • EDUM Token Legal Review
  • EDUM Token Audit
Phase 2
  • S2E (App) Launch
  • B2B Service Development
  • S2E (Web) Beta
  • S2E (Device) Beta
  • Issuance of NFTs
  • Strengthen strategic
    alliances and partnerships
Phase 3
  • S2E (Web) Launch
  • S2E (Device) Launch
  • POAP (NFT) Beta
  • S2E (App) Advancement
  • S2E (App) Global Launch

Phase 4
  • S2E Hub Service Launch
  • POAP (NFT) Launch
  • NFT Shop Launch
  • S2E (Web) Advancement
  • S2E (Device) Global Channel



Paul YOO
Board Member
  • COO
    Henry SHIN
  • CTO
    JH Joo
  • Team Leader
    Daniel KIM
  • Team Leader
    Terry CHAE
  • Board Member
    Peter HAN