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  • Rewards of learning behavior
  • Hyper-personalized AI Coaching for improvement

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Study to Earn Solution STUDYRICH

Users can earn rewards (notes) in the mobile app, by verifying their studying state with study timer and AI camera. StudyRich app functions of [Timer/Seating Recognition/Learning Plan] enhance the learning habits by promoting a healthy learning attitude and concentration.

studyrich phone
studyrich phone
studyrich phone
studyrich phone
studyrich phone


Analyze and diagnose learning data through an app (pattern) and a device capable of measuring biometric data (EEG brainwaves or PPG heart rate) related to concentration. This leads to token-linked rewards and training services & content aimed at enhancing learning concentration.

Tailord for user's learning behavior Hyper-personalized APP

Tailord for user's learning behavior

Hyper-personalized APP
To enhance learning ability Various Content and HQ Sounds

To enhance learning ability

Various Content and HQ Sounds

EDUM Innovation

Study to Earn (S2E)

EDUM is an S2E (Study To Earn) project that provides rewards through learning behaviors. It measures and certifies learners' study activities and provides appropriate rewards. EDUM possesses a distinct advantage with its rewarding process, not measuring the outcomes but behaviors of studying. This approach enables a global service that surpasses regional and personal limitations, and leveraging rewards allows for securing users effectively.


AI (Measure/Coach)

In Edum's APP & DEVICE services, both structured and unstructured pattern data such as study habits, brainwaves and concentration are collected. It is processed and analyzed into learning data such as brainwaves, willpower, concentration, PPG, EEG, patterns and self-directing. Analyzed data enables detailed customer understanding, future behavior prediction and setting user-centric strategies, via AI technologies. This facilitates service enhancement and the introduction of various new services.

ai analyrics

Web 3.0 (NFT)

EDUM aims to implement a global Web3.0 platform where learners and instructors connect and grow together. Our goal in this innovative educational ecosystem with various services combining learning and rewards; learners gain actual economic value and access high-quality personalized educational content; instructors have their legitimate copyrights, enabling them to provide excellent content and contribute.

Web 3.0(NFT)


All members participating in the EDUM ecosystem can acquire, use, and swap between EDUMP and EDUM tokens.


EDUM Ecosystem Points
  • Fixed value

  • Used only within EDUM’s ecosystem

  • Used to purchase contents such as NFTs and lectures

  • Expands the utility of partners’ points

Exchange Listed Tokens
  • Market-based utility token

  • Based on the Ethereum Mainnet (ERC-20)

  • Cashing through external exchanges

  • Value fluctuates based on the activity of EDUM

Web 3.0 Scholarship

Through blockchain technology and a systematic DAO, scholarships are to be provided under fair standards that protects both the sponsors and recipients and creates the maximum value towards social contribution.



EDUM’s expected journey towards builds a sustainable education ecosystem that is well-integrated with the real-world education system.

Phase 1
  • EDUM Website Open
  • Development of S2E
    Platform Business
  • B2B API Development
  • Connect API Development
  • EDUM Token Issuance
  • EDUM Token Legal Review
  • EDUM Token Audit
Phase 2
  • S2E (App) Launch
  • B2B Service Development
  • S2E (Web) Beta
  • S2E (Device) Beta
  • Issuance of NFTs
  • Strengthen strategic
    alliances and partnerships

Phase 3
  • S2E (Web) Launch
  • S2E (Device) Launch
  • POAP (NFT) Beta
  • S2E (App) Advancement
  • S2E (App) Global Launch

Phase 4
  • S2E Hub Service Launch
  • POAP (NFT) Launch
  • NFT Shop Launch
  • S2E (Web) Advancement
  • S2E (Device) Global Channel


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Board Member
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